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I'm New Here...

Fantastic!  How wonderful that you're here!  Your presence matters at Mekor Shalom!
Here you'll be able to learn more about Congregation Mekor Shalom.  At any time, please feel free to connect in person with any questions, comments, thoughts, and ideas!  
Why connect in person?  Great question! Because at Mekor Shalom, connecting is what this sacred community of sacred relationships is all about...
It's here! a non-judgmental place to come for worship, where each person may come and be a part of things in a nurturing environment.
At Mekor Shalom, each person deserves to be at ease in a sacred space for experiencing and learning about Jewish prayer rituals.  
Maybe you haven't been to services in years or
aren't really up on what's happening in the service?  
That's totally fine!  Please come on over!
Growing, learning, and evolving are a part of the fabric at Mekor Shalom. 
Can't make it on time? That's fine, too!  
Everyone will be glad to see you whenever you're able to come!  
Do you have young children who make noise?  Great!  Please bring them.  As Hazzan Sered-Lever says, "Children who are comfortable in shul come back as adults."  

Mekor Shalom's founding spiritual leader, Hazzan Jodi M. Sered-Lever would be delighted to meet up, talk over the phone at 813-963-1818, or touch base via email.
Really, she gets very excited about getting to know each person. Those aren't just words. She really means it.

At Mekor Shalom there is always room for everyone! Mekor Shalom has teams in lieu of committees. With that in mind, you are invited to join any team at any time.  
It's a warm, open invitation because your participation and your involvement make a difference.  Go, Team Mekor Shalom!
When it comes to synagogue membership or any aspect of congregational life, it's
about putting people first.  It's that simple at Mekor Shalom.  
Because each person deserves to be respected and appreciated,  Congregation Mekor Shalom is proud
to be the first congregation in Tampa to implement a 
Self-Selected Annual Financial Commitment
in place of more commonly used dues structures.  
You make a personal decision as to how
much you're able to invest in your spiritual home.  
No questions asked.
Mekor Shalom is everyone's synagogue.

At Mekor Shalom, each person deserves to be at ease in a sacred space for experiencing and learning about Jewish prayer rituals.  
Complete acceptance of all people:
who they are, where they are,
and who they may become is paramount.  
Each person is created b'tzelem Elohim, in the image of God.
A synagogue must be a safe place for all who wish to enter, participate, and join. This must be true for everyone.

Stay connected to all of the goings on!  
Join the email list to receive Mekor Shalom's weekly email, the Connects.  There is no obligation, and you may unsubscribe at any time.  
Of course the hope is that you'll want to be a part of this sacred community of sacred relationships. 
You have a home here, and there is always room for you.
Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784