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2022-23 Voluntary Financial Commitment

One who gives freely ends with more (Proverbs 11:24).

What is the Voluntary Financial Commitment (VFC)?
Congregation Mekor Shalom requires each household to pledge a meaningful monetary contribution for each year of membership. You choose how much you are able to invest in your synagogue.  It's a Voluntary Financial Commitment instead of a set dues structure. 

What is included in the membership?
Every Voluntary Financial Commitment amount provides a full synagogue membership with all of the services and programs offered at Mekor Shalom including: 
  • High Holiday seating for up to two (2) adults, all dependent children, & dependent adults who are a part of the household unit. 
  • Lifecycle events officiated by the Hazzan, provided at no additional charge, including Bar/Bat Mitzvah training.
  • The membership provides access to a Religious School education, however, Religious School tuition is a separate charge. 

Is there a recommended amount to pledge?
It is an individual decision.  Everyone is asked to contribute an amount that reflects one's personal financial capacity.
Perhaps consider how much you are able to pledge in total and how frequently you will make contributions to fulfill your pledge by the end of the fiscal year on June 30. 
You may choose to make a contribution toward the pledge each month, every quarter, twice a year, or annually. 

Mekor Shalom still engages in traditional fundraising activities to offset the possibility that Voluntary Financial Commitments may not cover all of the congregation’s operating costs and to begin accumulating capital for the future.

What is the Sustaining Annual Commitment?
If each household were able to make a Sustaining Annual Commitment, Mekor Shalom would be able to meet all of its financial obligations. 
At this time, if every household were able to contribute $2400 per year, Mekor Shalom could take care of the rent, professional staff, programming, supplies, etc.
For many people, a Sustaining Commitment may be out of reach.
For others, it may fit really well.

What is the 10% increase recognition or the Sustaining Annual Commitment recognition?
Households that increase their Annual Commitment by 10% or more from the previous year and/or households that give the Sustaining Annual Commitment or more will receive special recognition by having a leaf placed on the Ark curtain in their honor.
Actual contribution figures are kept in the strictest confidence.

:(Name of person in Member Household filling out this pledge)

Some Suggested Pledge Amounts:
  • $ 2,400.00 Sustaining Annual Commitment 
  • $ 1,800.00
  • $ 1,200.00 (Would be $100 monthly)
  • $ 1,000.00 
  • $   600.00 (Would be $50 monthly)
  • $   Another amount
Special recognition is included with a 10%+ increase from the previous year and/or a Sustaining Annual Commitment.

Please note that a payment is not required to submit this pledge.
You will be asked to enter a pledge amount at the bottom of the screen.

By checking this box, I/we pledge the Voluntary Financial Commitment indicated below in support of Congregation Mekor Shalom and will fulfill this pledge by the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782